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by Markey Motsinger @markeymotsinger

The journey is overwhelming me, and I don’t see how it fits together| Markey Motsinger

Dear Journal,

I don’t want to put in the effort today. Jumping on a train and enjoying a comfortable ride through life sounds much better. I feel like that because I’m processing how with God, there are always two sides to everything. For example, being vs. doing, grace vs. holiness, striving vs. contentment, and joy vs. suffering. 

With each issue, depending on personality, tendencies, and understanding, we take sides. But, in reality, both sides are one hundred percent true and important. We don't need to find balance. Instead, we need to accept and incorporate both.

With grace and holiness, I fall towards holiness. For so long, I thought a holy life was better than a grace-filled life. I was wrong. To me, holiness made scripture easier to understand, but by separating His truth into more important/less important categories, I missed out on the completeness of His truth.

My personality leans towards holiness, so I understood it, but God is pushing me towards the uncomfortableness of grace-based living and how they fulfill each other.

Your Turn…

I love how God pushes us past what we are comfortable with, so He can grab our hearts and soften them towards the things we don’t understand. It’s hard to understand, but people have different ways of worshipping and relating God. These differences make it hard to see why people struggle in specific areas that are different than ours. Take a minute today to ask God to open your heart to see others the way He sees them.


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