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Hi! I'm Markey Motsinger. I’m a small town Oklahoma writer, teacher, and mentor with big dreams. I’m obsessed with sugar, Jesus, and deep conversations. Keep reading if you want the low-down on all things Markey!

The Rest Of The Story

I haven’t always dreamed of writing and teaching. In fact, 10 years ago, I didn’t think God could even use me to write. Why? I’m not a natural writer. Seriously, I can’t spell, I don’t know where to put commas, and at times I write in incomplete sentences. But, surprise, here I am writing YouVersion Plans and Bible Studies that have been read by over 1,000,000 people. What God does, blows this girl’s mind everyday!

When I’m not homeschooling my 3 girls, you can find me eating cookies and dreaming of ways to inspire women to lead authentic lives instead of perfect ones. The struggle is real, people! It’s hard to know and believe God’s truth about who you are when you continually feel judged and criticized. As a people-pleaser, I’ve tried hard to be the perfect version of what others told me I had to be. I need to be less blunt, less hyper, ask fewer hard questions, gain weight, and include more fluff…EXHAUSTING! Now, I choose to authentically know, be and show the true me.

So, here it is…I’m a skinny, blunt minimalist who laughs loud and avoids conflict as much as possible. I chase answers to hard questions, and I don’t shy away from inviting others to do the same. Every day, I learn to accept and love the true me more and more. So be prepared, you're going to get the real, transparent, coffee-hating Markey every time.

In the end, you want to know what really lights me up? Inspiring women to love themselves by grabbing God's truth, and walking in His grace. Our journey can be awfully lonely and painful and if I can help build women up by speaking truth such as, "You are wonderfully and fearfully made just the way you are!", I consider it a good day.

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