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by Markey Motsinger @markeymotsinger

%22If I stop trying to make my kids fit into my preferred mold, I could point them towards Jesus a little easier.%22.png

Dear Journal,

I listened to Paul David Tripp today and agree wholeheartedly with his philosophy. He talks about grace-based parenting and how we should always point kids back to God. It's His goodness, not our rules, that changes them. God never promises His way to be easy, but He does promise it to be transformational.

I love this, but I struggle with the implementation of it. I have so many ideas of how parenting and discipline should look, and sometimes those ideas can get in the way. I would love for my kids to have common sense, obey quickly, and do as I say and not as I do. So often, these selfish and lazy parenting desires get in the way of who my kids are and what they need.

The only way I’m going to be able to survive as a parent is to remember my calling, which is pointing them to Jesus. Neither I or my desires will change them. I can only direct them to the One who can. If I stop trying to make my kids fit into my preferred mold, I could point them towards Jesus a little easier.

I put a lot of pressure on myself. I often feel like I have to give my kids all of Gods truth before they turn 18. If I grabbed a hold of my true purpose as a parent, I would parent differently. I would give myself a lot more grace, and my attitude would be different. With a new attitude, when I catch a child stealing, instead of yelling, I could use it as an opportunity to teach about lying. I could also thank God for giving me the grace to see the area of sin that needs addressing. It sounds cheesy when I reread it, but it doesn't change the truth of it.

In the end, I want them to know You, and that You are the answer. God, help me to discipline with Your grace. The grace that acknowledges wrong and deals with it, but also forgives and points to the truth that always comes with it.

Your Turn…

What is one of the best parenting books that you’ve ever read? I love Parenting by Personality by Shannon Ward. This book is practical and helps you understand your child's personality.

Books are amazing resources, but they will never replace God’s guidance. He knows our kids better than anybody and will help us raise them if we learn the ability to ask and listen. He has equipped us and given us everything we need. Yes, we will yell, get upset, and fail, but we can also accept grace, learn from our mistakes, and ask for more wisdom for the next time.


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