This Is One Way Women Are Too Hard On Themselves


by Markey Motsinger

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It’s no secret, life is hard. It gets even harder when we experience pain. Over the years I have experienced many different types of pain, but most recently it came in the form of a ruptured appendix. It was miserable. Stabbing stomach pain, nausea, and loss of appetite, and this was all before the surgery. 10 days later I was still feeling bad and found myself saying, "I need to suck it up, there are people worse off than me." or "I can't complain, it's just my appendix."

Why was I doing this?!? Maybe I was afraid others were thinking the same thing, or maybe I don’t truly understand God’s love. Whatever the reason, God quickly reminded me that what I was going through was mine, and it was real. It was my journey and not to be compared to anyone’s else. He doesn’t label my journey "non-important" because the world's standards say someone else’s is more painful. I have lessons to learn and a God to glorify. I can't do either of those things if I compare my pain and find it unworthy to be defined as hard. So often the hard is what defines me the most, and I want to pick up my hard with confidence. My need for a savior’s love and a friend’s prayer never dismisses someones else's painful journey.

Your Turn…

Pain is a relative term. What is painful to me, might not be painful to you, and vice versa. This is why comparing our painful situations won’t work. When God said He created us all differently, that includes the way we encounter and react to pain. He didn’t create us to believe that our pain is only important when it's worse than those around us.

Can you imagine a world where we are comfortable with our pain, knowing it doesn't negate other women’s pain? The pain isn’t what we should be concentrating on. What matters is how we support, love, and pray for one another through whatever pain we are experiencing. No judging or comparing and just supporting others and letting them support us.

Wherever or whatever your pain is stemming from, it’s real. Don’t compare or explain it away. It may not look like your neighbors, and you may think it’s not as severe, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t suffering. Let’s let our suffering drive us to Jesus. He is big enough to show up for all of us, no matter what type of pain we are experiencing.



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