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by Markey Motsinger @markeymotsinger

God, help me to love my life and appreciate other's accomplishments without comparison or jealousy. | Markey Motsinger

Dear Journal,

In life right now, I am finding myself anchored to the destructive sin of comparison. It’s exhausting, paralyzing, and does nothing to spur me closer to Christ.

At different times in my life, I have compared my life to others in pretty much every way possible including looks, personality, performance, popularity, parenting, marriage, and so many more.

When I compare, I'm letting other's circumstances, decisions, and life choices determine if I am holy enough, smart enough, or pretty enough. And what did I gain? A big dose of insecurity and jealousy. Looking back it’s seems crazy my jealousy came from someone getting praised, another women’s husband doing the dishes, and other’s kids appearing to obey all the time. Comparison keeps me focused on what I don’t have, instead of concentrating on what I have been gifted with. Ugg.

The worst part is that comparison doesn’t stop until it leads to more sin. I start judging others, trying to see all the ways that I'm better than them. I feel like when I judge other and find myself better, than at least I feel better in a couple areas of my life.

God, help me learn that just because someone else does something great and gets praise, it doesn’t mean that my way is bad and not praiseworthy. Instead, guide me to understand how I am leading a different life with different outcomes and purposes. I am no no less important or grand. Yes, I all want recognition and praise, but I can’t let it determine how I view the life that God has given me. Please help me to love my life and appreciate other's accomplishments without comparison or jealousy.

Your Turn..

Are you comparing yourself? Over time, as you compare, you will begin to lose the ability to see the beauty of how God has uniquely designed you. When we desire what others have, we miss out on what we have. God never called us to be like everybody else. He created us to be like Him and to love how he designed us. We can’t do what He has called us to do if we are always looking at what He has called others too. The ability to compare is not one we have to work at. What we have to work at is acknowledging our comparisons and jealousy. When we acknowledge it, we open our hearts to be healed of it.

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