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I need to stop selling myself and God short.  I don't have to be perfect at anything to be used.  I have to available and willing. | Markey Motsinger

Dear Journal,

I’m starting to blog. What in the world am I thinking? So many fears are trying to stop me. I’m afraid what I write will be horrible, and not connect with anyone.

What makes it even scarier is that I'm not a natural writer. If I could spell or knew where to put all the commas, it might make it a little bit easier. But despite my fears, here I am, writing.

God, I feel I need to apologize. 15 years ago You told me that You were going to have me write, and I remember laughing at You. Honestly, I thought You had accidentally spoken to the wrong person. I didn't think You could use someone like me to write, but I should've known that You'd use my weakness to prove Your strength.

I want to stop being so quick to write (pun intended) things off that I don't understand. I need to stop selling myself and God short. I don't have to be perfect at anything to be used. I have to available and willing.

So, here I go. I'm pulling the trigger, and even though I'm scared, I'm going to start. Why? First, I want to offer a vulnerable glimpse into my everyday life, and hopefully, encourage others in theirs. Second, I hope that conversations are started, and women are connected to each other and God. Ultimately, I just want to discover a way to write honest, engaging words that capture the essence of who we are as Christ-followers

Your Turn…

So, how about you? Is God asking you to start something, but fear is stopping you from even entertaining the idea? Here are 2 things you need to remember…

  1. No matter how it turns out, God will use your journey to show Himself to you and grow you closer to Him.

  2. Whatever God is calling you to, do it with His purpose, not for the popularity or success of it.

Often we add to or take away from what God is asking us to do. When we do this, our fear is multiplied. It's so much better to take one step at a time and to focus only on that step. With His strength, you can do this! We can do this!


Hi there! I’m Markey! I’m inviting you to pull up a chair and join me in this thing called life. With me, you won’t find much fluff, but you will find an ordinary, girl who craves authenticity and Jesus. Visit me here to read my blog or grab some free Bible studies and reading plans.

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