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by Markey Motsinger @markeymotsinger

Instead of memorizing rules, He wants me to memorize His voice, realize His presence, and sense His conviction.| Markey Motsinger

Dear Journal,

Daily, God reminds me it’s not about religion; It’s about a relationship.

Based on the way I define the words relationship and religion, this can be a confusing statement. the word relationship can be a distant acquaintance or best friend.  Religion can mean following all religious rules or being a good person. How can I be certain of the way God defines each word?

For me, religion and following all the rules seems the the easiest. Being a rule-follower by nature, it gives me an easy way to identify if I am doing right. I can check the boxes and then compare myself to see if I’m succeeding or failing. This pretty much sums up the first 30 years of my life doesn’t it?

In the New Testament, Jesus, you don’t demand rules.  Instead, You are after the heart, the center of life and relationships. Instead of memorizing rules, You want me to memorize Your voice, realize Your presence, and sense Your conviction.

Wow, that sounds a heck of a lot better than following rules. If I knew You this the way, it would make it easier to follow the rules. I would recognize that You have my best interest at heart and what You do is for my freedom, not my restriction.

Your Turn…

We are all so different, and I imagine we all respond to God differently. Some of us run after a relationship with Him and easily accept all His grace. Others, like me, are rule-followers and have a hard time seeing how grace helps us be more like Jesus, but we need both. Grace and rules go hand in hand. You don’t see one without the other in scripture.

What’s easier for you, and why? And who is different than you and can help you grow in this area? (Unfortunately, it might be the person who drives you crazy and never understood why until now.)


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