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This past week my heart was broken when my daughter shared her desire to be popular. It hit me hard because I remember having similar desires and all the pain it caused me. During this conversation, I wanted to control her and tell her how to feel, but the days of controlling her are pretty much over. So, we talked about identity in Christ, and I left her room desperate for God to grab her heart. 

I have ordered two books to read with her, but God is also asking me to pray harder than I ever have for her. Why is this the last thing I want to do? Honestly, it feels like I’m doing so little when I pray. I hate admitting this, but I want action and fast change, not to be on my knees for the next 5 years. 

So much happens when we pray. The hard part is that we don't see or sometimes feel what God is doing. The other hard part for me is that pray entails giving up control, and I like to be in control. Today, even though I don't completely understand prayer, I'm choosing to lean in and put my faith in Christ like never before. To let Him grab my child's heart in ways that I can't control. 

Here is what I am praying...

 Jesus, be strong in my girl’s hearts and minds. Let your strength defeat all fear, comparison, jealousy, and insecurity. May all lies fall and bounce off and never make it to their heart. 

Help them to look at sin and recognize it immediately. Surround them with truth so sinful desires never overtake them to the point destruction. 

Guard their lives and let nothing I do unravel the truth of your word or create lies in their heart. 

Lastly, I pray love and self-awareness into every crease of their body. Fill them with your love and grace and fill our house with your glory. Pour out your favor, so we can all move and dance in your presence and the journey you have us on.

Your Turn…

How do you honestly feel about prayer? Maybe you are like me and would rather control the situation. I know we all have a desire to pray for our kids, it just gets hard when we are overwhelmed and trying to survive the day.

On the days we don't know what to pray, one thing we can do is pick up the book “Power of a Praying Parent” by Stormie Omartian. This book is stuffed full of amazing prayers that you can pray over your child’s heart, mind, and soul.

Parenting is hard and sometimes we just need others to come around us and pray for us. If that is you today, know that I am praying the above prayer over my kids and yours!



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