Markey is a speaker and writer who focuses on helping people live out God's truth in every aspect of their lives. For over 10 years, Markey has helped lead people to see the truth of God's word collide with their everyday lives.

Markey is great at teaching in a practical way that makes the Bible relevant and applicable to life while inspiring people to live with authenticity and transparency.

She graduated from MacMurray College with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and then went on to become a pastor at Global University. 

Markey, her husband Ryan and their 3 girls live in Oklahoma where Ryan serves as a pastor at Life.Church.

Keeping It Real . . . 

Me: As a small town girl from Illinois I first started living for God at age 7.  Even though I loved Jesus, it wasn't until age 19 that I really said yes to a true strong relationship with Him. When I am not speaking or writing you will find me trying to bake, watching action movies and shopping at the thrift stores. Two things you will NOT find me doing is cleaning or drinking coffee!   By the end of the day, I feel blessed if I spent time with God and my girls, had a bowl of ice cream with a brownie, crossed something off my "to do" list and kissed my man.

My Man: Being married to Ryan is truly a gift from God, even though he does LOVE coffee! He is the man that encourages me to be more, to do it with excellence, and to just be me. He is my everyday superman without flying capabilities (rats!).

My Girls: We are all gifted in certain areas and having kids was not mine.  After 3 years of trying everything (from standing on our heads to being poked with lots of needles) we got pregnant with Eliana through Invitro-fertilization.  Through a similar process, we were pregnant with Abigail and Breana a year later.  I LOVE these crazy, loud, and fun girls! They are teaching me patience, servanthood and how to love God with a childlike faith.  

Well, there you have it, some tidbits of info about my life. Thanks for getting to know me better! I pray that together, we can grab a hold of everything God has for us.  



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